Why CAT?
CAT is short for a Catastrophic Disaster from a natural weather event, also known as a large-scale weather event, or man made causes, or by accident or negligence.  A disaster will be declared a catastrophe when it results in a large number of claims resulting in substantial loss of life, human suffering, and destruction of or damage to property, or degradation of the environment, and is of such a nature or magnitude as to be beyond the coping capacity of the community of the affected area and involves multiple insurers.  A catastrophe is most commonly declared after an extreme weather event such as a severe hurricane, cyclone, hail storm, bushfire, flood or storm.
Why 18?
Green Berets specialty Field in the US Army is identified by the number 18. Our team includes retired Green Berets and Marine Raiders that have deployed throughout the world, conducting missions that range from training a Foreign Military to secure their own country, to working with a resistance movement to remove an oppressive government. These missions have placed our team members into extreme and austere environments, where terms like Empathy, Rapport, Intercultural, Atmospherics, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Management were paramount in the development and implementation of diplomatic solutions in life or death situations.

Bringing CAT & 18 Together!
CAT 18 Training has elements of specific topics of Special Operations Forces training included in and adapted to the Civilian and CAT Insurance Theater.  Our retired Special Operations instructors have developed training based off the challenges they faced. These principles and tools that are applied are universal to any organization, civilian or military. These lessons learned can provide your employees with beneficial techniques that are tested and proven by our elite Special Operations men and women, seasoned and CAT Commercial Executive General Adjusters, and FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Operators.