This Subject Matter is Included in the Basic Course.
Storm Deployment
When a Special Operations Team deploys throughout the world, prior to these deployments the teams conduct an extensive area assessment and detailed planning. This planning is what makes our teams successful and makes a smooth transition into unknown locations. The planning and problem-solving course, provides every adjuster with the tools needed when going into areas devastated by natural disasters. 

Anyone can tell or make someone do something. Motivating others to want to do things is what makes a true leader. Our team members have led foreign forces under some of the most austere and harsh environments with unsurpassed success.  Although everyone is not in charge, mentoring and building leadership qualities throughout an organization's work force builds confidence and promotes proactivity.
Team Building
When a Special Operation team is dropped into the most remote and hostile environment, the number one factor is the ability of our operators to count on the team member to the left or right. Special Operation teams have proven a strong team in any environment can lead to success. Our team of Special Operations instructors will take you through team building techniques and exercises. 
Planning is essential to executing any Special Operations mission conducted overseas. These same planning techniques utilized by SOF will be provided to you, ensuring tasks will be prepared for and executed right the first time. Having a well thought out plan while addressing contingencies will prevent failure and instill confidence in you and your mission.

Problem Solving
In any organization problem solving is an everyday occurrence, but without the proper training and tools, situations can deteriorate quickly, often times with catastrophic end states. Due to the nature of the Special Operations mission, our team members have become experts at problem solving. The proven systems utilized by our team will be shared with you to improve their everyday performance. By learning how to define the problem, conduct a proper analysis, develop and implement an effective course of action, you will be successful in working through problems specific to your field.