Special Forces
The Special Forces team concept has proven to improve quality, increase productivity and develop a greater sense of ownership and partnership with employees.  Series 18 Instructors are retired Green Berets and MARSOC Raiders that have conducted real world operations throughout the world. The seminars and training developed by our team members share the challenges they faced and how the principles and tools applied are universal to any organization, civilian or military.  These lessons learned can provide your employees with beneficial techniques that are tested and proven by our elite special operations men and women. In addition to the seminars and training, our team has developed courses that are focused on getting your employees out of the office and providing them with the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. These opportunities will build confidence and develop teamwork, as well as give your employees an enjoyable experience.

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Anyone can tell or make someone do something. Motivating others to want to do things is what makes a true leader. Our team members have led foreign forces under some of the most austere and harsh environments with unsurpassed success.  Although everyone is in not charge, mentoring and building leadership qualities throughout an organization's work force builds confidence and promotes proactivity.

Planning is essential to executing any Special Operations mission conducted overseas. These same planning techniques utilized by SOF will be provided to your team ensuring tasks will be prepared for and executed right the first time. Having a well thought out plan while addressing contingencies will prevent failure and instill confidence in your team.  

Problem Solving
In any organization problem solving is an everyday occurrence, but without the proper training and tools, situations can deteriorate quickly, often times with catastrophic end states. Due to the nature of the Special Operations mission, our team members have become experts at problem solving. The proven systems utilized by our team will be shared with your employees to improve their everyday performance. By learning how to define the problem, conduct a proper analysis, develop and implement an effective course of action, your employees will be successful in working through problems specific to their field.

Emotional Intelligence
Being aware that emotions can drive behavior and impact results either positively or negatively is a skill that is used within the Special Forces community. Having the confidence to suspend one’s ego so the mission objectives are accomplished take precedence over physical emotions or needs.  Emotional intelligence is cultivating the ability to perceive, evaluate and control emotions. This course will demonstrate ways to delay gratification, control impulses, read and appropriately respond to the social cues of others.​​​​​​​

Effective Communication
Effective Communication is when a person is actively listening, absorbs the point and replies with an appropriate question or comment. SOF operators are given techniques to communicate with individuals who may not speak the same language or hold the same values, but can achieve comprehension of their view by watching body language, expressions and tone of voice.

Negotiations/Conflict Management and Resolution
Our team of former Special Operators are the quintessential warrior diplomats, having negotiated and resolved conflicts across the globe. The ability to truly immerse themselves within a culture, understanding all of the complex nuances has resulted in an unsurpassed ability to “think outside the box”, coming up with innovative ways of conducting effective negotiations while achieving long term success in managing and resolving conflict. Our team will discuss the Art of Persuasion and Influence providing techniques used across the spectrum to achieve mission success.

A Special Operations team operates in complex environments filled with cultural diversity on all levels. The ability to work through the problem sets inherent to these situations is what makes our Special Operations Forces (SOF) the most successful in the world. Our team will take your employees through some of these experiences and share beneficial techniques to carry back to the work place. Our team will provide unique scenarios allowing your employees an opportunity to train in realistic multicultural diverse setting.

Team Building (All Locations) 1-2-3 day courses
When a Special Operation team is dropped into the most remote and hostile environment, the number one factor is the ability of our operators to count on the team member to the left or right. Special Operation teams have proven a strong team in any environment can lead to success. Our team of Special Operations instructors will take your team through the most exciting and challenging team building events possible. From the beginning your team will be placed into the world of a Special Operations warrior. The team building lanes were created by our team to place the group into a fun and challenging environment. 

Adventure Activities
These activities were designed by our team, in order to provide your employees with an out of the box approach to breaking up their everyday routine. These events are designed to combine the team building approach, confidence builders and just simply time to enjoy themselves. Our team of Special Operators will oversee each event, to ensure each individual understands how to conduct the activity as well as be placed into a safe environment. The activities are specific to one of our three training sites.
Rappelling (NH Location)
Our team will teach the proper technique to rappelling and provide the opportunity for each individual to enjoy the experience and gain confidence. 
Shooting (All Locations)
Spending some time on the range is a great way to relax and have a great time shooting weapons. Our team will instruct the group on the proper safe techniques to handling firearms and firing the weapon. The group will be exposed to and have the ability to fire machine guns, AR 15’s, AK 47’s and a variety of pistols. Our team of Special Operators will provide an educational block of instructions and guide each individual through the employment of each weapon system.
Restraint Defeat (All Locations)
Enjoy learning and practicing escaping from a variety of restraints. Your team will take away a Special Operations skill that will create an exciting and challenging event. This event will promote confidence in each of your team members. 
Survival (All Locations)
The Special Operations Instructor will take your team through survival skills such as building a fire, building shelter, and acquiring food and water. These skills will instill confidence and team work in your employees, as well as giving them a valuable skill to survive in any tough situation they may find themselves in. 
Special Operations Medical care (All Locations)
A Special Forces Medic will provide an exciting class on life saving steps that are used by our teams while deployed to hostile environments. After your employees are taught these steps, they will enter into exciting lanes developed by our instructors. This will provide them the ability to put what they have learned to the test, while having fun. The event will provide confidence and provide your employees with the opportunity to work as a team.
Land Navigation (NC and NH location)
The Special Operations instructors will teach your employees how to navigate using a compass. After the class the group will have the opportunity to go through a land navigation course. This event will build confidence and is designed for some exciting competition. 

Off and On road driving (VA Location) 
Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and Marine Special Operations (Raiders) are trained in offensive and defensive driving. The ability to maintain and operate numerous types of vehicles is critical to operating in hazardous areas. The Special Operations instructors will teach your employees how to maintain and operate vehicles in hazardous environments. 

Life in Special Operations (All locations) 2-3 day courses
Your group will have the opportunity to Infiltrate into an unknown environment and link up with our former Special Operations team. The event will place your team side by side with former Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and Marine Special Operations (Raiders). The event is designed to combine exciting instructions, as well as reinforce team work, confidence and the ability to confront difficult obstacles through proper planning and decision making steps.