The "Executive Course" is for executives and managers to get away to one of our locations in New Hamphire, Virginia, and North Carolina. During this course our Special Operations instructors will provide the opportunity for the executives and managers to get out of their comfort zone.  Each site provides different opportunities, from on and off-road extreme driving, shooting machine guns and assult rifles to rappelling. During this time the opportunity is there for round table talks to share the techniques Special Operations use in subjects like vetting vetting and recruiting,  planning, decision making and leadership. These locations will provide a comfortable atmosphere, with a taste of adventure. All locations have lodging, catered meals and hanging out by the campfire with our Special Operations instructors. Contact us to get your adventure started.

Advanced Course (VIR)

Individual Crime and Terrorism Awareness Course (ICTAC)
In today’s world, the news and social media is a constant reminder of the acts of violence and terrorism threats that plague our society. Individuals work or simply family travel often times place people into these hazardous areas, where threats are a reality. Most people continue to ignore these threats and hope they don’t fall into these situations. How many times do we hear, I never thought it would happen to me? Preparation is everything, our instructors are highly trained and have spent their whole careers using techniques and tactics to ensure they return safely from hostile areas.

This course is taught by the most elite instructors in the trade, you will have access to over 75 years of direct engagement experience that these military and Special Operations Warriors draw from to keep themselves and their clients safe, while navigating some of the world’s most dangerous environments.

                                                                                             Course Content
                                                                       •    Introduction to Crime and Terrorism
                                                                       •    Various modern case studies
                                                                       •    Criminal and Terrorist actions on the objective
                                                                       •    Evasive driving techniques
                                                                       •    Marksmanship training
                                                                       •    Route reconnaissance
                                                                       •    Individual/ Hotel/residence protective measures
                                                                       •    Basic threat and vulnerability assessments
                                                                       •    Vehicle and foot movements Practical Exercise
                                                                             while under surveillance